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  • Who inspired the Yeti?
    The Sweaty Yeti Run is inspired by Christie Galvin and Kellie Barber. Two amazing who both lost battles with cancer in 2014. They were both very active in many sports and adventures, and continuously encouraged others to remain positive and keep working to be the best they could be.
  • Why a yeti?
    Why NOT a Yeti!? And in July a Sweaty Yeti at that.....
  • Can I bring a stroller on the race course?
    Strollers are welcome we just ask that you be courteous to our other participants. Also, keep in mind that the last 3/4 mile is a wooded course through the woods, so you will want a stroller that can handle that part of our course.
  • Are dogs allowed for race day?
    The Yeti run is held at the East Jordan Public School's facilities. East Jordan Public School has a no dog policy for all of their facilities, including the track and stadium areas where the race begins and ends. We appreciate your respect for the school's policy in not bringing your beloved pet with you for the race. Thank you in advance
  • Do I qualify for the scholarship?
    Our scholarship is currently offered to graduating seniors of East Jordan High School since that is where both Christie and Kellie graduated from. Click here to learn more about the Barber-Galvin Memorial Scholarship.
  • How do I apply for the scholarship?
    Applications are currently available at the East Jordan High School and here on our website.
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